Tritium scales up EV charging

Company's platform means 50kW DC chargers can be upgraded to 75kW and beyond
Air Quality & Weather Systems / January 12, 2021
By Adam Hill
Tritium charger
Tritium: taking charge

Electric vehicle (EV) charging specialist Tritium says its scaleable EV charging platform is the first of its type in the world.

The Australian company's MSC (Modular Scalable Charging) hardware platform provides customers with the flexibility to increase the power level of their charger as EV charging capabilities advance.

This 'pay as you grow' approach means charger power can be increased in 25kW increments, starting at 25kW and increasing to 350kW and beyond. 

Previously, network operators would pre-order and install chargers set at 50kW (fast or rapid chargers), 175kW or 350kW (high power or ultra-fast chargers). 

Jane Hunter, CEO of Tritium, says the new platform means that 50kW DC chargers can quickly be upgraded to 75kW, 100kW, and beyond, "without a rip-and-replace required".

“This solution is future-proofing governments and network operators across the globe, something they have been crying out for," Hunter said.

"No longer is a charger just a charger; instead, it’s a first step to meet the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s EVs.”

The company's RTM75 DC Fast Charger is the first to be built for the new platform, allowing two car drivers at the same time to add 75 km (46 miles) of range to an EV in 10 minutes of charging.

“The electrification of transportation is at tipping point, so our customers want to know how they can easily extend their charging site capacity over the coming years," says Dr David Finn, Tritium founder and chief growth officer.

"They want no regrets and capital-efficient scaling of their charging sites."

Tritium's PKM150 and PKM350 will be launched this year, following the RTM75.

“The MSC platform will allow Tritium to rapidly deploy new product and our aim is to provide at least one new product every quarter to address the needs of customers servicing the home/workplace, public, fleet depot, segments," Finn concludes. 

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