Networking & Communication Systems

April 14, 2021
Companies team up with University of Michigan on mobile edge computing and 5G
April 13, 2021
Five firms including Thales and Renault have joined forces in 'open ecosystem' to collaborate
April 13, 2021
Federal Highway Administration money is in addition to five-year $19.5m ITS contract
April 8, 2021
Session and paper submissions for ITS America 2021 Annual Meeting close on Monday 12 April
April 8, 2021
Georgia deployment to gain insight over distance needed around school zones and buses
April 7, 2021
Leonardo's e-Nobu and Matrics-AVM control units address are integrated with 5G
April 6, 2021
Neology centre is an ITS test site for tolling plus connected and autonomous vehicles
April 1, 2021
Collaboration includes connected and autonomous vehicle infrastructure and electric mobility
April 1, 2021
Toyota's Woven Capital is among the investors in autonomous vehicle technology
March 31, 2021
Transportation worldwide needs to keep up with a variety of challenges: Frederic Giron of Forrester Consulting explains how digital technologies will…