US transit agencies to receive $30bn

California Transit Association praises passing of $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act
Mobility as a Service / March 1, 2021
By Adam Hill
American Rescue Plan Act © William Perry |
Passed by the House of Representatives, the American Rescue Plan Act now goes before the Senate (© William Perry |

The US House of Representatives has highlighted the 'essential role' of public transport during the coronavirus pandemic by passing the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act.

That is the view of California Transit Association executive director Michael Pimentel, who praises policymakers for providing more than $30 billion in Covid-19 relief funds to transit agencies nationwide. 

"Agencies throughout California and the nation have made drastic changes in their operations due to the prolonged nature of the pandemic, and these relief funds are vital to the industry’s survival," Pimentel says.

"By passing the American Rescue Plan, the House has demonstrated their commitment to public transit and has acknowledged the essential role that transit has played in keeping the country moving during the pandemic."

Around $4 billion of the total will go in emergency relief to California’s transit agencies.

There have been frequent calls over the past year for transit to receive billions of dollars in aid to recover from the ridership hit caused by the pandemic.
The bill now goes before the US Senate.

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